Strategy 2017-2019

SGA's strategy is to ensure its active participation in implementing the 2030 Agenda by:


a. Submitting annual position papers on selected goals within theme of the HLPF;

      - 2018 Position Paper submitted to the HLPF

      -  2017 Position Paper submitted to the HLPF

b. Preparing other reports and statements that highlight the concerns of older people;

c. Participating in relevant intergovernmental meetings at regional and global levels;

d. Facilitating members at the national level to (i) implement the 2030 Agenda and (ii) to be involved in government preparation of voluntary national reviews that are submitted to the HLPF;

e. Collaborating with organizations of the United Nations system; 

f. Collaborating with Major Groups and Other Stakeholders, and with civil society and other NGOs;

g. Organizing events to highlight the concerns of older persons.

In addition to the annual position papers, the SGA will be reporting on the activities of its members to implement the 2030 Agenda to the HLPF in 2019. Members should be collecting data, statistics, and evidence of their implementation activities to be submitted to the SGA by the end of 2018.